Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

My Friend : Muhammad Akbar Ramadhan

   This is my second writes on my blog.So this is about my calssmate,his name is Muhammad Akbar Ramadhan.I usually call him Akbar,but sometimes my another classmates and also call him Mat Solar.Because his face,his body propotin is just look like Mat Solar.

   He was born on 7th Janury in 2000.Well he is younger than me but Akbar has a bigger body than me.He lives inMargahayu,because he always talking about Angkot Margahayu-Ledeng that always brings him home.Actually He lives at Persada Asri 1 Block A number 4,Rancabolang Street.He has 2 siblings,1 older brother and one older sister.He loves his family so much he said.
   His favourite genre of movie is action.And he loves Alternative music genre.Aeromodelling is his hobby.Well it's not a cheap hobby,and not a mainstream hobby.He wants to be a Pilot.
   Well i think that's all that i can share you about Akbar.Thank you.

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