Senin, 19 Januari 2015

Dreams And Ambition

         Hello Readers!It's the third time in a day haha.So today i want to tell you some of my dream in my life.Enjoy.
          I think that i'm lucky to have a lot of dreams until now,so i have an ambition to reach something or get all of my dreams come true.There are a lot of ways that will make you get your dreams come true.But the main ways to get your dreams come true are study hard in the school and don't forget to pray.Well about my dreams,when i was a kid,i always wanted to be a reach guy.So then for the few next years i thought of the way to be reach man.So i had a dream to be an actor,to be an athlete,to be a boss,and many more.At the time i wanted to be a chef,so i can cook my favourites food then i can sell them in my own five stars restaurant.Well i can cook a little.But all over of them,my parents is always wanting me to be a doctor,the reason is when they suddenly get sick,i will be their doctor,that was what they thought.My Grandparents wanted me to be an architect,My uncle wanted me to be a soldier or a police.But now my dream is want to be a doctor.It is'nt very bad to be a doctor,right?
          My goals today is i want to graduate from 3 High School Bandung with a good score.Well i hope that i can make it happens.Aminn
        I think that is all that i can share to you about my dreams.Thank you.

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