Senin, 19 Januari 2015


this my third writes on my LM Inggris blog.Now i'm going to tell you about my high school's cultural event called MATSWAPATI.Maybe some of you readers know about Matswapati.Actually it's a name of Wayang in Indonesia who is a king of anything they said.
   Matswapati is held o introduce West Java's cultures,especially sundanese cultures from Bandung.It's back for the last  years wasn't held anymore.The rundown ran smoothly.Because there wasn't bad thing which was happen.Oh yeah,this event was held on 28th September 2014 on Lapang Bali.It's officially opened in the morning .
   In the morning,there was a parade which was to promoting the event in Belitung Street.My class,X IPA3,won the parade by the way.I didn't know that we will won at the time.We won a million rupiah.My friend and i were thankful about it.There was also a lot of artist whish was perform their performance.I enjoyed the event.My class stood a stand at the time.We sold a lot of thing like T-shirt Bandung,Chocolate,and manymore.
   In the afternoon,finally we watched the performance of Barsena and Glenn Fredly.Cool isn't?Well that was a good time .
   I think that is all that i can share to you about my highschool cultural event at Lapang Bali.Thank you.

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