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Where to Go in Bandung : Tangkuban Perahu

  Hello.Today i'd like to post some place that you have to visit when you around Bandung.Maybe some of you know that travelling hasn't always been a budget-friendly lifestyle.We have always viewed travelling as a glamorous experience and some may even argue that you need to blow your cash to order to have a unique experience.Especially in Bandung,there's a lot of beautiful places that maybe you'll need a big cost to visit a place that is awesome.
  However,allow me to prove you that it's wrong with this post of mine that will explain about Tangkuban Perahu were so affordable,no economic situation can get you down.Bandung is most commonly known for its insanely cheap shopping - branded or otherwise - but beyond the haggling and the bargaining, Bandung has a lot more to offer. Of course, if you are a shopaholic and a sucker for cheap goods, it is no doubt a heaven for you. However, if you are looking to explore Indonesian culture and landscape, Bandung has just that for you, too.
  Some notable places of interest include Kawah Putih (White Crater), a breathtaking pale turquoise lake with waters of high acidic levels. Although you can’t swim in it, it is worth the trip just to experience its beauty. Another place you must go when in Bandung is Tangkuban Perahu - one of Bandung’s active volcano. 
   Nothing says YOLO like standing in an active volcano, right?

Vieri,Fatih,and i at L2A PPA JAMADAGNI
 I don't know about you,but Tamgkuban Perahu should be a good choice when you are in Bandung.
It is a popular tourist attraction where tourists can hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view the hot water springs and boiling mud up close, and buy eggs cooked on the hot surface. This stratovolcano is on the island of Java and last erupted in 1983. Together with Mount Burangrang and Bukit Tunggul, those are remnants of the ancient Mount Sunda after the plinian eruption caused the Caldera to collapse.

Belitung Muda SMA Negeri 3 Bandung

Hello,readers.Today I’m going to tell you one of my school extras.Which is BM or Belitung Muda.BelitungMuda is an extra for any students in 3 Senior high school of Bandung who loves to play football.BelitungMuda always take place in Lapang Bali in every Thursday,Friday,andSaturday.Sometimes,we play futsal in LapanganSupratman every Friday.
I love to play football or futsal.So I decided to join BM even I joined Belitung Mudawhen I was in the second grade.In that time,I was too confuse to join any extra that exist in this school.I was too excited to study.Then I thought maybe it’s okay to join one or more extras.You only go to a high school once.So why not.
  I have played once for Belitung Muda for a friendly match versus 8 Senior High School.We lost the match.Even it was only a friendly match,we tried as hard as we can to win that match.I usually play as a defending mid fielder and also able to be a right mid fielder.
  Belitung Muda’s jersey for this year has a black colour.My number on the jersey is 29.We usually use the jersey in a matach or a tournament.
My Belitung Muda Jersey 

  Belitung Mudacup,LigaBM,Galatama are some of events that Belitung Muda hold every year.For this year,I play in team which is my class too XI-4.I have never score a goal in this event.I really wanted to,but I played as defender for this year so I should pay much attention in the defending line of the team.

Me on a match Liga BM(XI-4 vs XI-3)

Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

SMA Negeri 3 Bandung spot : Masjid Al Furqon

SMA Negeri 3 Bandung (also known as SMU 3 Bandung or SMA 3 Bandung) is a public high school located at Belitung sretet in Bandung, Indonesia. It shares a building with SMA 5 Bandung, consequently giving the schools the nickname SMA Belitung after the street.

It is well renowned for producing the highest number of fresh graduates to Indonesia's top notch universities, most notably the Bandung Institute of Technology more than any other high school in the country on an annual basis.

I'm going to tell you a spot in SMA N 3 Bandung complex,that is Masjid Alfurqon.I usually pray dhuha and dzhur even ashar in this mosque.Because the place is so cozy.My friends and i usually spent morning break to pray dhuha here .

The toilet of the mosque is not clean,but still a useful one ofcourse.It's a nice place to take a nap for minutes.This place also a good place to you for doing others activities.

 This is the logo of DKM organization.

It's not a mosque for SMA N 3 students only,but also for SMA N 5.Because this mosque is located in  belitung highschool complex.Sometimes the mosque is also for public.

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     Hello!Now i'm going to tell you about one of beautiful creature,that is Humpback Whale,or in bahasa usually called 'Paus Bongkok'.The humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) is a species of baleen whale. One of the larger rorqual species, adults range in length from 12–16 metres (39–52 ft) and weigh approximately 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb). The humpback has a distinctive body shape, with unusually long pectoral fins and a knobbly head. An acrobatic animal known for breaching and slapping the water with its tail and pectorals, it is popular with whale watchers off the coasts of Australasia and the Americas. Males produce a complex song lasting 10 to 20 minutes, which they repeat for hours at a time. Its purpose is not clear, though it may have a role in mating.

        Like other large whales, the humpback was and is a target for the whaling industry. Once hunted to the brink of extinction, its population fell by an estimated 90% before a moratorium was introduced in 1966. While stocks have since partially recovered, entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with ships, and noise pollution continue to impact the 80,000 humpbacks worldwide.
      A humpback whale can easily be identified by its stocky body with an obvious hump and black dorsal coloring. The head and lower jaw are covered with knobs called tubercles, which are hair follicles, and are characteristic of the species. The fluked tail, which it lifts above the surface in some dive sequences, has wavy trailing edges. The four global populations, all under study, are: North Pacific, Atlantic, and Southern Ocean humpbacks, which have distinct populations which complete a migratory round-trip each year, and the Indian Ocean population, which does not migrate, prevented by that ocean's northern coastline.
    Humpback whales are difficult to study. They spend much of their time underwater, out of our sight, and live in habitats that are hard to access. Effective humpback whale conservation requires a balance of skill, dedication, good communication, and patience.
  I think hat is all that i can share about this enourmous animal.thx

Rabu, 29 April 2015

Red Migration in Christmas Island

     Hi!Now,i'm going to tell you about Red Migration in Chrismas Island,Australia.Why this phenomenon called red migration is because the red crabs clony that is moving from one place to one place,this migration looks red,so that is why this called red migration.This phenomenon is include to a biological natural phenomenon because it tells the life cycle of this species.Maybe some of you don't know,so i will try to make this writes clear to read for you.
      This phenomenon is most happen inChristmas Island,Australia.Red migration is native to christmas island.The central plateau of christmas island is dominated by strands of raiin forest.The chrismast island has a tropical climate and experiences both a wet season(Desember to April) and dry season(May through November).
      More than 120 million red crabs can be found on the rain forest floor of Christmas Island.Red crabs live alone in dirt burrows, or deep rock crevices. Crabs stay in the shade of their dwelling for most of the year. In October or November, when the wet season is about to return, crabs begin their migration to the shore. This timing coincides with the lunar cycle and the tides.
      The crabs will start their migration if there is enough time for them to complete their downward migration, mate and develop eggs before the next suitable spawning date.The first action that occurs is movement of crabs to the sea. The largest mass movement of crabs takes place in this first downward migration. Males farthest inland start this movement and are progressively joined by more and more crabs (both males and females) as the movement progresses toward the sea.When the crabs arrive at the shoreline, they dip in the sea to replenish body moisture and salts

         If the rains continue, there is usually a second, and sometimes even a third, smaller, downward migration by crabs that did not join in the first migration. When this happens it is possible to see crabs on return journeys mingling with the crabs on their downward migration. It can become confusing for all concerned! I'm so sorry that i can not be more explicit about the timing of the start of the red crab migrations, but the weather as you know cannot be accurately predicted. The best advice i can give is to be at Christmas Island during the last quarter of the moon in either November or December for the best chance of seeing something interesting happening in the annual red crab migration. If you are able to arrive earlier and to stay longer the more parts of the migration sequence you will be able to experience.
      I think that is all that i can share about this passage.Thx


Hello,now i'm going to tell you about my experience when i do perticipate in my school sports event opening ceremony which is called DEWA ATHENA.This is the 7th time that DEWA ATHENA have been held so today we are calling it DEWA ATHENA VII.Well it's a long calling ,so my classmates usually call this event just Dewa.
   In this event,i have been choosen as one of the sportmen from my class and the sportwomen from my class is Maya.We wore our class's jersey,so do the other sportmen and sportwomen.The opening is color run.This run was been led by a thorch runner followed by the other students.As a sportmen,i didn't hit by the colour flour or another colour stuff.So i didnn't really enjoy the run.How can you called that color run but you wasn't been hit any,right?
   After the run,we went back to Lapangan Bali to watch the opening basketball match and BM cup XI 3 versus BM cup all star.That was a great matches.By the way,we took some pictures before the competition begin.

     X 3,my class,played in Futsal for the girls,tug of war,and relay run.We are so ambitious for this competition.What do i really want to play with my class in this event is Futsal for the boys.Hope that we can win one of the match.
       I think that is all that i can share about DEWA ATHENA VII.thx

Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

MT PAI in Jatinangor

   Last month,my school did some event in Jatinangor to do MT PAI.At the time was in Friday,after  the boys prayed jumat,and then we started to start the bus and went to Jatinangor.we arrived at 4 arround 4 o 'clock and then we prayed Ashar together.
  Then we preapred our tent and some of the participants started to prepare their cooking stuff.A lot of happen but we enjoyed it very much.Maybe some of us just went lazy and took a nap inside the tent that we have stood before.It took 3 hours until maghrib then we started to eat and some of us prayed maghrib together.After that,we did some mentoring that told us about everything good about Islam and many more.After that,the comite made us get in to our tent.
   Inside the tent,we chated about how great this event was,we enjoyed it very much then we slept arround 11 o 'clock at night.
   In the next day,we had to went to the top of the hill to pray sub6h togethher.After prayed Subuh,we did some games and then had a breakfast and of course we ate them together.12 o'clock we went back to SMA 3 in Bandung.
    There we thankedful that we were safe at the time.But the event wasn't finished,the participants had to close their eyes and then we were surprised when our parents came to give us a hug .Some of us cried then we had a permission to gohome.Well that was a good event
   I think that's all that i can share with you.Thank you.

Senin, 19 Januari 2015

Why Cats and Dogs Always fight.

      Hello again,now i'm going to retell you a story of why cats and dogs always fight.maybe you curious about that,right?

Long, long ago, in northern Taiwan, there lived a farmer and his wife. They had a ring of gold. They did not know it was a lucky ring. Whoever owned it would have enough to eat. The farmer and his wife sold it to a jeweler. Soon afterwards, they grew poorer and poorer. They did not even have enough money to buy food.
The couple had a dog and a cat. They also did not have any food to eat. The animals wanted to help their owners but they did know what to do.
“I must sure that must have been a magic ring,” the dog said.
“Perhaps,” answered the cat. “But how can we get it back from the jeweler?”
After many days, they thought of a plan.
“You must catch a mouse,” said the dog. “Then carry it to the jeweller’s shop. The ring is locked up there in a box. The mouse must gnaw a hole in the box and fetch out the ring. If the mouse does not want to help, you must bite him to death.”
Soon the cat caught a mouse. The dog followed behind while the cat carried it to the jeweller’s shop. The mouse crept into the shop and gnawed a hole in the box and brought out the ring.
The cat put the ring in its mouth and ran home. The dog followed. Now the dog could only run on the ground. He had to go all the way around the houses and through the streets. But the cat was able to run over the house-tops. So the cat arrived home long before the dog. She brought the ring to the farmer and his wife.
“This is a magic ring,” said the cat. “You must not part with it otherwise we shall be poor and have nothing to eat. I have brought it back. Please keep it carefully. You will find that we shall now be able to live comfortably again.
“What a clever cat!” said the farmer. “We shall look after you as if you were our own child.”
Just then the dog ran in. the farmer and his wife beat him for not helping the cat bring home the ring. The cat sat on the lap of the farmer’s wife and purred. So the dog became very angry with the cat. Every time he saw her after that, he chased her and tried to bite her.
This is why cats and dogs always fight.I think that is all that i can share about this story,Thank you.

Amazing Place :Gotham City

    Hello!Now i'm going to tell you about my favourite Amazing Place.Well the place is just a fictional city but i like this place very much.So this place is Gotham City.
    Gotham city is a fictional American city appeaing in comic books and movies published by DC Comics,best known as the home of Batman.Right!Batman!The city of Batman.For your information,I love this character(Batman) because this character is remind me about sherlock holmes,Batman is the greatest detective in the world they said.
    Some of readers identified Gotham city as New York today in a few site on New york such as Chinatown,Little Italy,14th street in Manhattan,and some bridges in New York.Locations used as inspiration for the urban position in Gotham City have included New York,Los Angeles,Tokyo,London,even Jakarta.
   Maybe some of you who knows Batman and his city is wondering,why would i spent my time to adore this place?What does make it so special,right?Well i don't really sure,but i just wanted to see where all of the crime in the place just get beat up by Batman and the GCPD(Gotham City Police Dapartment) haha.Seriously,this place is just a nest for a bad guy,gangstars,Corruptor,and even a crazymad like Joker.
  Many storylines added to the Gotham's history at the same time appears a lot of great people.
    Well i think that is all that i can share about Gotham City.Thank you.

Dreams And Ambition

         Hello Readers!It's the third time in a day haha.So today i want to tell you some of my dream in my life.Enjoy.
          I think that i'm lucky to have a lot of dreams until now,so i have an ambition to reach something or get all of my dreams come true.There are a lot of ways that will make you get your dreams come true.But the main ways to get your dreams come true are study hard in the school and don't forget to pray.Well about my dreams,when i was a kid,i always wanted to be a reach guy.So then for the few next years i thought of the way to be reach man.So i had a dream to be an actor,to be an athlete,to be a boss,and many more.At the time i wanted to be a chef,so i can cook my favourites food then i can sell them in my own five stars restaurant.Well i can cook a little.But all over of them,my parents is always wanting me to be a doctor,the reason is when they suddenly get sick,i will be their doctor,that was what they thought.My Grandparents wanted me to be an architect,My uncle wanted me to be a soldier or a police.But now my dream is want to be a doctor.It is'nt very bad to be a doctor,right?
          My goals today is i want to graduate from 3 High School Bandung with a good score.Well i hope that i can make it happens.Aminn
        I think that is all that i can share to you about my dreams.Thank you.


this my third writes on my LM Inggris blog.Now i'm going to tell you about my high school's cultural event called MATSWAPATI.Maybe some of you readers know about Matswapati.Actually it's a name of Wayang in Indonesia who is a king of anything they said.
   Matswapati is held o introduce West Java's cultures,especially sundanese cultures from Bandung.It's back for the last  years wasn't held anymore.The rundown ran smoothly.Because there wasn't bad thing which was happen.Oh yeah,this event was held on 28th September 2014 on Lapang Bali.It's officially opened in the morning .
   In the morning,there was a parade which was to promoting the event in Belitung Street.My class,X IPA3,won the parade by the way.I didn't know that we will won at the time.We won a million rupiah.My friend and i were thankful about it.There was also a lot of artist whish was perform their performance.I enjoyed the event.My class stood a stand at the time.We sold a lot of thing like T-shirt Bandung,Chocolate,and manymore.
   In the afternoon,finally we watched the performance of Barsena and Glenn Fredly.Cool isn't?Well that was a good time .
   I think that is all that i can share to you about my highschool cultural event at Lapang Bali.Thank you.

Minggu, 18 Januari 2015

My Friend : Muhammad Akbar Ramadhan

   This is my second writes on my blog.So this is about my calssmate,his name is Muhammad Akbar Ramadhan.I usually call him Akbar,but sometimes my another classmates and also call him Mat Solar.Because his face,his body propotin is just look like Mat Solar.

   He was born on 7th Janury in 2000.Well he is younger than me but Akbar has a bigger body than me.He lives inMargahayu,because he always talking about Angkot Margahayu-Ledeng that always brings him home.Actually He lives at Persada Asri 1 Block A number 4,Rancabolang Street.He has 2 siblings,1 older brother and one older sister.He loves his family so much he said.
   His favourite genre of movie is action.And he loves Alternative music genre.Aeromodelling is his hobby.Well it's not a cheap hobby,and not a mainstream hobby.He wants to be a Pilot.
   Well i think that's all that i can share you about Akbar.Thank you.