Rabu, 04 Februari 2015

MT PAI in Jatinangor

   Last month,my school did some event in Jatinangor to do MT PAI.At the time was in Friday,after  the boys prayed jumat,and then we started to start the bus and went to Jatinangor.we arrived at 4 arround 4 o 'clock and then we prayed Ashar together.
  Then we preapred our tent and some of the participants started to prepare their cooking stuff.A lot of happen but we enjoyed it very much.Maybe some of us just went lazy and took a nap inside the tent that we have stood before.It took 3 hours until maghrib then we started to eat and some of us prayed maghrib together.After that,we did some mentoring that told us about everything good about Islam and many more.After that,the comite made us get in to our tent.
   Inside the tent,we chated about how great this event was,we enjoyed it very much then we slept arround 11 o 'clock at night.
   In the next day,we had to went to the top of the hill to pray sub6h togethher.After prayed Subuh,we did some games and then had a breakfast and of course we ate them together.12 o'clock we went back to SMA 3 in Bandung.
    There we thankedful that we were safe at the time.But the event wasn't finished,the participants had to close their eyes and then we were surprised when our parents came to give us a hug .Some of us cried then we had a permission to gohome.Well that was a good event
   I think that's all that i can share with you.Thank you.