Minggu, 14 September 2014

My Identity

           My name is Muhamad Syah Reza Pahlevi but you can call me Reza.I am 15 years old.I was born on the first of february 1999 in Balikpapan City(East Kalimantan).I live in Sariwangi,Bandung.I am the oldest child beside my brother and my sister.My father worked at Defense Ministry in Jakarta as an Indonesian national army and my mom is a house wife.
           I go to 3 senior high school  in X IPA 3.It is about 12 KM which takes about 40 minutes to go to school from my house.3 senior high school is the best high school in Indonesia they said.My previous school is 12 junior high school.I am proud of my junior high school,TWELVE!!!
            I have an ordinary live,i guess.Like another normal people,my childhood is not really special,borned in a city like Balikpapan,growing up in a big city like Bandung,having a firm family,watch Spongebob Squarepants every morning,go to school everyday,study in the evening,being a soleh person;sing 'Everyday is Awesome' ,if you ever watched 'the Lego Movie' ,i'm just like Emmet... LOL
                My hobbies are gaming,reading,playing basketball,and playing futsal.Game that i like to play the most is Dota 2.I play it only on weekends because i don't have any time to play it on weekdays.But if i can't go outside to internet cyber cafe to play dota,i usually play a console game,inside the house.I play basketball because most of my friends are a basketball freaks,so i usually spent my freetime to play basketball with my friends.I love Arsenal,the best England footballclub ever haha.
                 Maybe that is all that i can tell you about me.Thx.

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