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Belitung Muda SMA Negeri 3 Bandung

Hello,readers.Today I’m going to tell you one of my school extras.Which is BM or Belitung Muda.BelitungMuda is an extra for any students in 3 Senior high school of Bandung who loves to play football.BelitungMuda always take place in Lapang Bali in every Thursday,Friday,andSaturday.Sometimes,we play futsal in LapanganSupratman every Friday.
I love to play football or futsal.So I decided to join BM even I joined Belitung Mudawhen I was in the second grade.In that time,I was too confuse to join any extra that exist in this school.I was too excited to study.Then I thought maybe it’s okay to join one or more extras.You only go to a high school once.So why not.
  I have played once for Belitung Muda for a friendly match versus 8 Senior High School.We lost the match.Even it was only a friendly match,we tried as hard as we can to win that match.I usually play as a defending mid fielder and also able to be a right mid fielder.
  Belitung Muda’s jersey for this year has a black colour.My number on the jersey is 29.We usually use the jersey in a matach or a tournament.
My Belitung Muda Jersey 

  Belitung Mudacup,LigaBM,Galatama are some of events that Belitung Muda hold every year.For this year,I play in team which is my class too XI-4.I have never score a goal in this event.I really wanted to,but I played as defender for this year so I should pay much attention in the defending line of the team.

Me on a match Liga BM(XI-4 vs XI-3)

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