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Red Migration in Christmas Island

     Hi!Now,i'm going to tell you about Red Migration in Chrismas Island,Australia.Why this phenomenon called red migration is because the red crabs clony that is moving from one place to one place,this migration looks red,so that is why this called red migration.This phenomenon is include to a biological natural phenomenon because it tells the life cycle of this species.Maybe some of you don't know,so i will try to make this writes clear to read for you.
      This phenomenon is most happen inChristmas Island,Australia.Red migration is native to christmas island.The central plateau of christmas island is dominated by strands of raiin forest.The chrismast island has a tropical climate and experiences both a wet season(Desember to April) and dry season(May through November).
      More than 120 million red crabs can be found on the rain forest floor of Christmas Island.Red crabs live alone in dirt burrows, or deep rock crevices. Crabs stay in the shade of their dwelling for most of the year. In October or November, when the wet season is about to return, crabs begin their migration to the shore. This timing coincides with the lunar cycle and the tides.
      The crabs will start their migration if there is enough time for them to complete their downward migration, mate and develop eggs before the next suitable spawning date.The first action that occurs is movement of crabs to the sea. The largest mass movement of crabs takes place in this first downward migration. Males farthest inland start this movement and are progressively joined by more and more crabs (both males and females) as the movement progresses toward the sea.When the crabs arrive at the shoreline, they dip in the sea to replenish body moisture and salts

         If the rains continue, there is usually a second, and sometimes even a third, smaller, downward migration by crabs that did not join in the first migration. When this happens it is possible to see crabs on return journeys mingling with the crabs on their downward migration. It can become confusing for all concerned! I'm so sorry that i can not be more explicit about the timing of the start of the red crab migrations, but the weather as you know cannot be accurately predicted. The best advice i can give is to be at Christmas Island during the last quarter of the moon in either November or December for the best chance of seeing something interesting happening in the annual red crab migration. If you are able to arrive earlier and to stay longer the more parts of the migration sequence you will be able to experience.
      I think that is all that i can share about this passage.Thx

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